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Join our costumed characters on a journey of discovery, as you explore the sights, sounds and smells of a bygone era in this fabulous recreation of medieval life. Your pilgrimage from London to Canterbury places you in the midst of a story-telling contest as five of Geoffrey Chaucer's most entertaining tales of love, romance, jealousy and trickery are brought vividly to life. With a combination of live interaction from our characters and the aid of an audio guide, this pilgrimage will appeal to visitors of all ages.

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Your journey starts at the Tabard Inn, in London where you will meet the first of your costumed characters and meet your fellow merry band of pilgrims. On your walk to Canterbury you will be entertained by the stories of chivalry, romance and even horror.

The Knight’s Tale Knight

The Knight is the first to tell his tale. It is a story rich in love, rivalry and chivalry.  Two men fall in love with the same beautiful young girl.  But who will win her heart?

Miller The Miller’s Tale

A bawdy tale, telling a rather different story of love.  A deceitful clerk tries to have his way with the carpenter's wife - and gets his just desserts!

Wife The Wife of Bath’s Tale

This tale asks the question to which every man would like the answer -  'What do women most desire?'. The Wife of Bath should know -  she's had five husbands!

Priest The Nun’s Priest’s Tale

A farmyard fable.  Can Chanticleer the cock outwit the cunning old fox, or will he become his next meal?

Pardoner The Pardoner’s Tale

A thrilling tale of death and trickery and one which will leave you with a slight tingle down your spine. The tale has an unexpected ending - watch out!

The End of the Road

Your journey ends at the breath-taking reconstruction of the shrine of St Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral, the very reason for Canterbury’s position throughout the years as a major destination for pilgrims and tourists alike. Here you will meet the second of your guides. As you leave, you pass through Canterbury’s market place (our well-stocked Gift Shop) where you can browse through the range of quality gifts and souvenirs.

Audio tours are narrated by famous voices including Robert Powell and Prunella Scales - and are available in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.  There is also a special children’s commentary available in English.

The Canterbury Tales is owned and operated by Continuum.

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